Map Shores of Time

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The Shores of Time Crucible map in Destiny has it all, close quarters for personal fights, open spaces for sniping and well thought out zones for objective-based modes. 

First let’s start with the basics. Special ammo on this map can be found outside of both spawns and near the B zone platform. Heavy ammo at the A spawn is found inside of the cave, while at the C spawn, it is found in between the C and B zones. 

The C zone side of the map is a sniper/pulse/scout rifle paradise, with long sight lines, open space in the center and ample cover around the edges. A key area for snipers is way in the back near the cliff, as no one can really flank you, and you get sight into two zones and plenty of corridors. As far as the C zone area itself, though, this isn’t a place for the faint of heart. There is a plethora of ways for people to get the jump on you, so be on guard. 

The B zone is located to the right of the C zone on the platform, and is arguably the most important area on the map. There are only two real ways to reach you besides the precarious jumps from C, and from here, you can deploy to every part of the stage with ease. Enemies trying to rush you uphill from A have to jump a chasm, and everyone else filters in through a large door. Use these choke points to your advantage. 

The aforementioned A zone is located in a cave a far away from both of the other zones. During Control and Team Deathmatch, taking the high ground of B and C will ensure no one spawns behind you, and you can pick off people as they leave A. 

The advantage of A, though, is its cover. There are three small entrances to it, and you have a heavy ammo spawn in there with you. If you and a Fireteam get stuck spawning down here, gather up and try and leave A en masse to overwhelm the enemy, or in non objective modes, use the caves to your advantage and sit back. 

There is also the sprawling center area that includes a Vex cave and a rocky outcropping. Be wary when traveling because Guardians constantly filter through this area and may get the jump on you.