How To Quickly Rank Up With Factions

Complete bounties, compete in the Crucible and farm for Spektar Armor.

Factions have existed in Destiny since Day One, however they haven’t always played the same role they do today. Following deployment of the April Update, you will now gain a lot more reputation from every activity that you do. Gaining reputation and ranking up with your Factions, be it Crucible, Vanguard, or a Pledged allegiance to a particular cause (Future War Cult for the win!) will get you some pretty cool gear. We’re going to tell you how you can gain reputation the fastest, so you can kit your Guardian out in the coolest gear, including Spektar Armor with Chroma multi-channel heatsinks.

In this guide we’ll be going through the basics of what the most important factions are, what you can gain from them, and how to rank up quickly through using Reputation Boosts, Bounty Completions, and Donations.

Get Faction Packages From Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult

You will gain reputation with the base factions – Vanguard and Crucible – for PvE and PvP activities respectively, no matter what you choose here. At the tower there are three emissaries: Executor Hideo, Arach Jalaal, and Lakshmi-2. They represent New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and Future War Cult respectively. You can pledge allegiance to only one of these factions at a time, for a one-time fee of 2500 Glimmer. You can change allegiance once per week by trading in your Faction Badge (found in the Mission section of your Inventory).

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There’s no reason not to have a Faction, as it means that you gain 50% of any Vanguard or Crucible Reputation that you earn through gameplay. You can only buy gear (weapons and armor) from factions you have allegiance to. Faction rank up packages also contain Spektar gear which can be infused with any Chroma you have lying around! If you’re unsure on how to use Chroma, we’ve got the guide for you!

If you don’t know how to find each Faction Leader, check out the video below!

For example:
I pledge allegiance to Dead Orbit by purchasing a Faction Badge from Arach Jalaal for 2500 Glimmer. I complete a Heroic Vanguard Strike and gain 120 Vanguard Reputation. As a result of my allegiance to Dead Orbit, I also gain 60 Reputation with them. It’s a win win!

Quickly Get Rep With the Cryptarch

When you find engrams out on your travels, whether it’s from loot drops from enemies, or from post-game rewards, the Cryptarch will be waiting for you, either at the Tower or at the Reef social space. When you turn these engrams in and decrypt them, you will gain Cryptarch Reputation. One of the best ways to gather a lot of engrams for decryption fast is by playing Court of Oryx.
Here’s what a rank up package from the Cryptarch can get you:

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Gain Reputation with the Vanguard

As you progress through Destiny’s many strikes, including the Blighted Chalice strike released in the April Update, you will earn reputation for the Vanguard. You also earn Vanguard reputation when completing Patrol missions. You’ll receive either 40 or 50 per mission completed, depending on the type of mission.
Your biggest sole contributor to Vanguard Reputation will be the Nightfall Strike. Once completed, it will grant you upwards of 500 reputation! This also means that you will receive 250 rep for your aligned faction, if you have one (which you should).

As an aside, each class has its own Vanguard mentor – Cayde-6 for Hunters, Commander Zavala for Titans, and Ikora Rey for Warlocks. You will be collecting your rank-up packages from your class’ respective mentor. Here’s what each rank up package can grant you:

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Gain Repuation in the Crucible

Much of the same applies to Crucible. Play in Crucible matches to completion, and gain 90 Crucible Reputation, with an added bonus for winning. When you rank up your Crucible level, your package will be with Lord Shaxx. You can also use the new buffs that drop out of sterling treasure boxes to increase your rep, and they apply to your entire fireteam. If you plan with your friends, you can keep the buffs going all week. Here’s what you can get from the Crucible packages.

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Get Reputation with the House of Judgment

Variks plays a key role in the April Update, providing rewards and bounties for the Challenge of the Elders and the Level 41 Prison of Elders. He is also the vendor for the House of Judgment, meaning that he’s the one you’ll be going to, to collect your rank up packages. There’s some cool class items and weapons up for grabs in these packages:

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Increasing your Repuatation with Bounties

Bounties are your bread and butter for gaining reputation. They’re incredibly handy as you can complete them alongside gaining reputation for just completing activities. Each day the Bounty Tracker (either in the Reef or the Tower) will have a fresh selection of bounties, which offer 50 to 65 Reputation plus a hefty chunk of XP per completion. Bounties generally aren’t too difficult to complete, and most just require perseverance, with the exception of Shaxx’s Weekly Bounties…

Shaxx’s Weekly Bounties are the Crucible equivalent of the Nightfall. Each week, a fresh set of 6 Bounties will be waiting to be claimed. You can only partake in the bounties after completion of the Crucible questline (which is really, really long). The bounties include winning matches, completing matches in fireteams, winning in specific playlists and so on. Once you’ve completed 5 per week, you’ll gain a hefty chunk of XP and Reputation, and be given Nightfall-tier rewards.

Variks the Loyal also has some specific bounties that can only be completed in the Prison of Elders, specifically the Level 41 Prison, and the Challenge of the Elders game modes. Each Variks bounty grants the usual XP along with 250 House of Judgment Rep! Once completed, they will pop up on the right hand side of your screen, and you can turn them in by finding them in your Quests tab, and hitting X on PlayStation, or A on Xbox.

Best ways to increase your Reputation gains

First off, your Class Item (Bond, Mark, or Cloak) will have a reputation buff on it, providing it is Legendary or higher. It will either boost Crucible Reputation, or Vanguard Reputation (the SRL class item boosts SRL Event Standing, but SRL isn’t active, so it’s probably best to find a different item to wear!) Try to match your class item to your activity for example wear a crucible boosting class item when you’re in the crucible.

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Newly introduced in the April Update are reputation boosters. You can find these for: Vanguard, Crucible, and House of Judgment. These consumable items will boost your reputation (by an unknown amount) for 2 hours and they have the added bonus of boosting your fireteam’s reputation, too!

Another option for boosting your aligned faction’s rank is donating to their cause. On your travels, you’re likely to accumulate a lot of these materials, and a good use for them is to pour them into your Faction rank. Note that this can only be done at New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, or Future War Cult, not Vanguard or Crucible.

  • 5 Motes of Light – 100 Rep
  • 25 Weapon Parts – 50 Rep
  • 25 Armor Materials – 25 Rep
  • 4 Special Ammo Synthesis – 25 Rep
  • 1 Heavy Ammo Synthesis – 25 Rep
  • 25 Planetary Materials (random each week) – 50 Rep

Let’s do some math to work out the most efficient method of donating. You can buy 3 Heavy ammo synths from Xur every week for 1 Strange coin. That means that 1 Strange Coin is worth 75 Faction rep. You need 2500 rep per rank, so that’s… 33.3 (let’s call it 34) Strange Coins per rank. You get 4 Strange Coins back for every level up that you achieve so it’s really 30 Strange Coins for every faction rank. A good source of Strange Coins is Prison of Elders Level 41.

Now that you know how to get your factions levelling up quickly, why not check out the full patch notes for the April Update? Or maybe you want to know how you can get to Light Level 335?

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