Destiny - How To Get To 335 Light

All the ways you can get to 335 light in the 2.2.0 update.

This guide is going to tell you all the ways to get to 335 light, and how to do so in the quickest way possible. As you might have heard, the light level in Destiny has been increased to 335, and there are a multitude of ways to get there. This guide is going to run down all of them.

Easily Get To 335 - Engrams, Reputation and Infusion

The first way to get to light level 335 is through general sandbox changes. Exotic engrams now drop items up to 335 light level, and most likely give you a higher chance the higher light level you are. If you grab some now, you might want to wait till you are over 320. Legendary and Rare engrams have a chance of dropping items up to 310, so use those to get you closer. Bungie also stated that Engrams are guaranteed to grant you an item that has a light level higher than your current light, but we still are seeing level 270's dropping from rare engrams. Speaking of, there is now a 1:1 ratio when infusing, so keep that in mind.

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For reputation, gains for doing reputation granting actions will now give you increased rep. These include Crucible matches, Strikes, and Patrols. In turn, Faction Reward packages now drop Chroma enabled gear that has a chance of dropping at 330.

Get To Light Level 335 - Crucible

Some people might be trying to get to 335 just through the crucible, and with a bit of luck, its possible. There is an increased drop rate for Legendary weapons, and Crucible weapon drops can now drop with 310 light. If you complete a weekly Crucible bounty, there is a chance for a 335 drop there too.

Competitive Playlists - Iron Banner & Trials Of Osiris

Iron Banner now has a chance of dropping gear up to level 335. The Rank 3 and 5 packages will now be 320 items, and the rewards from Saladin have now changed. Rank 3 will offer both armor peices, rank 4 will offer a weapon, and Rank 5 will offer yet another weapon. As for trials, all gear now has a chance to drop at 335.

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Get to Light Level 335 - PVE

Blighted Chalice Strike

Complete the new questlines for the new Dreadfang Sword, as well as a chance at the new Taken shotgun. The sword will be 310, and the shotgun (if you get it) will be 335.

Prison Of Elders

Level 41 Prison of Elders will now drop gear up to LL 320. If you are running Challenge Mode, Challenfge tickets will reward gear up to level 335. That includes all of the Prison of Elders exotics, as well as the House Of Wolves Reprise weapons.

Strikes/Court of Oryx/King's Fall Raid

Existing activities will also see increases. Vanguard Heroic Strike drops all have a chance at dropping at 335, and that goes for Tier 3 Court Of Oryx as well.

King's Fall Raid has been updated, and as a result has an increased gear drop rate. All of this extra loot that drops has a chance to drop at 335.

Unfortunately we dont have much of an idea about drop rates, and the verbiage used still only implies that gear has a chance at dropping at 335. As of right now we arent sure of ANY activity that guarantees a 335 drop, and as soon as we do, we will update you.

If you are trying to actually complete any of this stuff, we have a guide for getting the Dreadfang Sword, as well as info about how to best use your Sterling Treasure packages. If you fancy yourself a stylish Guardian, try our guide to everything Chroma related.

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