Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC Introduces A New Public Event Type

Prepare to dunk some orbs in the Vex Crossroads.

Last week, Bungie held the second of three pre-launch livestreams for Destiny 2’s upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion, and one of the things it showed off during the stream was the new Public Event type that the expansion will introduce.

The new Public Event will be called Vex Crossroads and it will take place on two tower platforms which are only open while the event is active. As for the event itself, it will involve fighting off a group of Vex forces, including special Gatekeeper Hydras. If your group triggers the event’s Heroic modifier, am invulnerable Gatelord will spawn and players will have to destroy the Hydras so that they drop special keystone orbs and then take those orbs, rocket up to a high platform, and “dunk” the orbs into a catalyst to make the Gatelord vulnerable to damage.

Vex Crossroads will be just one of several new features that will be introduced in Curse of Osiris. The expansion is set to launch on December 5 and before that Bungie will hold one final livestream later this week on November 29.