New Nvidia GPU Drivers Are Optimized For Destiny 2

The drivers are available for download right now.

Nvidia has released a new GPU driver package which anyone who uses an Nvidia GeForce can now download, and the company claims that Destiny 2 PC players will definitely want to download it.

While the new driver package, version 388.31, is mainly optimized for EA’s recently released shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2, Nvidia confirmed in this announcement post that it also includes performance enhancements for both Destiny 2 and Injustice 2. For Destiny 2, Nvidia claims that users can see as much as a 53 percent boost in performance once the new drivers are installed, though of course you’ll probably need a slightly more high end machine to see the full effects of that 53 percent.

The 388.31 GPU drivers can be downloaded either from Nvidia’s website or by opening up your computer’s GeForce Experience desktop app.