Destiny 2's Clarion's Call Events Will Award Double XP

The first event starts later this week.

Bungie has announced it will soon be rolling out a new series of events which, while active, grant all players double XP gains as long as they fulfill certain criteria.

These events, which Bungie is calling ‘Clarion’s Call,’ will only be active during specific timeframes, but while they are active, players can earn double XP for every activity they participate in. According to this recent weekly update post, the very first Clarion’s Call will begin this coming Friday, November 17, at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) and will run until the same time on Monday, November 20. While the Clarion’s Call is active, players will earn the double XP as long as they complete activities while in a fireteam with at least one fellow member of their clan.

If you’re not in a clan or if you don’t particularly care for doing activities while grouped with other people, Bungie promises that future Clarion’s Call events will have different criteria for earning the double XP, and not all of them will require playing with clanmates.