Bungie Outlines Upcoming Changes to Destiny 2's Guided Games Feature

The studio acknowledges there are some inherent flaws within the current system.

While Destiny 2’s Guided Games feature serves as a decent method for otherwise solo-oriented players to check out group activities like Nightfall strikes and raids, it is also not without its flaws, and Bungie is planning to address those flaws as early as next month.

Speaking in a recent weekly update blog post, Bungie social designers M.E. Chung and Steve Dolan talked a bit about Guided Games, including where it’s at now and where they’d like it to be in the future. Chung and Dolan both agreed that persistent issues such as the lack of an audio cue when you’re matched with a clan and the inability for a player to reconnect with a Guided Games group if they are disconnected from the game need to be addressed, and while some issues will take a bit longer to fix, a new game update which will go live alongside the Curse of Osiris expansion on December 5 will include the following fixes:

  • An audio cue will play so that you know when you've found a guide.
  • Full clans can now guide.
  • Added reminders that if you reject a clan, you're still at the front of the line, so you can only pick guides with a mission statement that looks appealing.
  • Guided games will support the new Nightfall and Raid content in Curse of Osiris.

As for more longterm fixes, Bungie is looking into potentially adding a checkpoints system into Guided Games (originally checkpoints were left out to prevent farming, but the lack of checkpoints is also causing issues that Bungie isn’t happy with) as well as official in-game chat systems. When exactly these issues will be addressed remains unknown, but Bungie is at least aware of them.