Destiny 2's Second Faction Rally Event Begins Today

New weapons are up for grabs.

Destiny 2’s second ever Faction Rally event is officially kicking off today, marking the first time PC players can take part.

Starting today and running until next Monday, November 13, Destiny 2 players can once again pledge their loyalty to one of three different in-game factions: The New Monarchy, Future War Cult, or Dead Orbit. Once they’ve made their choice, players can earn faction tokens by completing specific events and then redeem those tokens for faction packages which can contain an assortment of faction-specific weapons. Once the event comes to a close, the faction that had the most packages earned will be declared the winner, and its unique reward weapon will go on sale for 1,000 Glimmer to those who were part of that faction, and 50,000 Glimmer for those who weren’t.

This time around, a new series of reward weapons is being offered, with New Monarchy offering a sword, Future War Cult a fusion rifle, and Dead Orbit a grenade launcher. As Bungie also explains in this blog post, some tweaks have been made to the ways in which players earn tokens, tweaks which should make strikes more lucrative and Lost Sectors a bit more balanced.