See Which Destiny 2 Sub-Classes Are Most Popular In Your State

The data may surprise you.

Figuring out which Destiny 2 sub-classes are the best/most popular is one of those debates that will likely carry on for some time, much like it did with the original Destiny. However, one website has managed to complete the task of listing which sub-classes are the most popular in a give U.S. state.

The data-based careers website Zippia recently compiled this list and adjoining map chart which shows the most popular Destiny 2 sub-classes on a state-to-state basis. The data, which Zippia gathered using extensive Google Trends and Google Adwords research, shows that, across the entire United States, Warlocks, or more specifically the Dawnblade Warlock sub-class, are the most popular, though both the Titan and Hunter classes managed to dominate their fair share of states as well.

The full Zippia post is worth reading since it also breaks down the data in other interesting ways like showing how many states each sub-class reigned supreme in (I’m happy that my favorite sub-class, the Striker Titan, managed to win out in my home state of Massachusetts).